The Other Side of Stillness | Installation

The Other Side of Stillness | Installation is a dance for film project that investigates what it means to keep moving. Created collaboratively with the ever-expanding collective, The Modern Dancers of America, the piece is a series of duets that last for fifteen minutes before one dancer is replaced with a new mover. And so on. And so on. The dance never stops. The highly physical score draws upon and celebrates each performer’s movement history as well as the dance history of America and explores ideas of endurance, replacement and constancy.

In December 2014, The Modern Dancers of America practiced the piece in Wonder Valley, CA for the camera. 

Brought to life by the Modern Dancers of America:
Barry Brannum
Alison D’Amato
Sarah Leddy
Laurel Jenkins
Madison Page
Gwynn Shanks
Alexx Shilling
Devika Wickremesinghe

Concept, Direction, Editing: Alexx Shilling
Director of Photography: Taso Papadakis
Original Sound: Jesse Neuman

Performance Engagements:
Elinor Bunin Monroe Film Center | Lincoln Center/Dance on Camera Festival | New York, NY | February 2016
Anita’s Way Times Square | New York, NY | September 21 – 24, 2015

Left to right: Gwyneth Shanks and Barry Brannum, still from The Other Side of Stillness | Installation by Taso Papadakis; Alison D’Amato and Alexx Shilling, photo by Gwyneth Shanks; and Alison D’Amato and Barry Brannum, photo by Gwyneth Shanks.