Slippage | SeeSaw

Slippage/SeeSaw explores through sliding, slipping, and tipping how we negotiate oppositional poles, attempting to find and negotiate balance points. Embracing the sensual and sexual connotations of slippage and slipperiness, the piece is an embodied exploration of desire, power, and agency.

The piece, collaboratively devised by media/theater artist Sheila Malone and Shanks, is an interactive installation featuring two minimalist seesaws and accompanying video projection. As viewers/visitors ride the seesaws, sensors on the seats of each one trigger different combinations of video clips. The clips feature Shanks and dancer Loren Fenton performing short, choreographed movement phrases on the seesaws. Drawing inspiration from companies like Diavolo Dance Theater. Shanks and Fenton explore precarity in their explorations of balance, stability, and slippage on the seesaws.

Conception: Sheila Malone and Gwynn Shanks
Performance: Loren Fenton and Gwynn Shanks
Set design and construction: Sheila Malone
Filmography: Sheila Malone

Performance Engagements:
INSTALL: WeHo | LA Pride | Los Angeles, CA | June 2, 2013 
LA Pride Festival | Los Angeles, CA | June 9, 2013

Photo Credit: Loren Fenton and Gwynn Shanks | Sheila Malone
Loren Fenton and Gwynn Shanks | Sheila Malone
Exhibition image | Sheila Malone
Loren Fenton | Sheila Malone