Simply Knot

Simply Knot is a ten minute movement score and video installation created by theater/media artist Sheila Malone, Shanks, and queer scholar and performer Storm Madsen. 

The work uses the metaphor of the knot to explore the many ways we embody, move through, or challenge identity categories. Particularly focused on queerness and queer subjectivity, Simply Knot is an improvised score that entangles Shanks and Madsen in an ever constricting network of ropes. 

Concept: Sheila Malone, Storm Madsen, and Gwynn Shanks
Performance: Storm Madsen and Gwynn Shanks
Live Music: Sheila Malone
Photography: Sheila Malone
Additional Camera work: Cosmo Soltani

Performance Engagements:
INSTALL: WeHo | LA Pride | Los Angeles, CA | September 16, 2012
Akbar | Los Angeles, CA | October 2012 
Performed for the camera | Playa del Rey, CA | November 2012

Photo credit: Sheila Malone, Gwynn Shanks, and Storm Madsen | Micah Levin
Photo credit: Storm Madsen and Gwynn Shanks | Sheila Malone
Storm Madsen and Gwynn Shanks | Shelia Malone