Nude With Skeleton

In 2011, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles invited performance artist Marina Abramović to curate their annual gala. Some eighty performance artists and dancers were hired to perform at the event either as ‘head centerpieces’ or re-performing Abramović’s 2002/2005 piece Nude with Skeleton. Shanks was one of six women who re-performed Nude with Skeleton, their bodies centered in the middle of the VIP tables at the event.

The event generated controversy in the days leading up to our performance as the context of the gala and our low pay was imagined by many as exploitative. Shanks wrote about this experience in a piece published in the Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism.

Performance Engagement:
Museum of Contemporary Art | Los Angeles, CA | November 12, 2011

Photo credit: Gwynn Shanks | MOCA | Getty Images.