From Above | Looking Down

From Above | Looking Down is a series of improvised scores that explore how to move with and through comfort. These movement scores include movement, vocal soundings, and spoken, textual directions. The text and movement emerged symbiotically, performers writing descriptions of fellow performer's movement, and then, in turn, moving in relationship to these texts read aloud. Drawing upon the performers' personal histories with their dance and movement practices and our political present, the piece shifts between the kinetic and the metaphoric, the individual and the collective, searching for ways to offer and receive comfort, care, and support. 

The project was presented at and supported by Materials & Applications

From Above | Looking Down was developed in concert with The Kid Gets Out of the Picture, an installation created by LADG,First Office, Laurel Broughton/Andrew Kovacs, and Hirsuta. On view at Materials & Applications from October 2016 through February 2017, the project was a contemporary update on the aesthetic principles of early 19th century English landscape architecture. By the early-nineteenth century, practitioners of the English picturesque had invented a catalog of objects (follys, ha-has, viewpoints) that worked to produce the pictorial effects of landscape painting within real space. Lumps, clumps, and masses made it possible, in a sense, to occupy the picture. The Kid Gets Out of the Picture returned to the catalog of nouns developed by the picturesque to ask how these tactics can be deployed in reverse, extracting the qualities of images and literalizing them in the real world. 

Zena Bibler
Ellen Gerdes
Ali Kheradyar
Brynn Shiovitz
Devika Wickremesinghe

Performance Engagements:
Materials & Applications | Los Angeles, CA | January 7, 2017

Please find a link to a series of short excerpts from the performance of From Above | Looking Down

Image Credit: Mobolaji Olaoniye