A Beautiful Game

Exploring the ritual aspects of soccer, A Beautiful Game, by Sarah Leddy, propels its performers — divided into two teams — into a choreographic game in which movement vocabulary excerpted from Twyla Tharp’s 1986 classic “In The Upper Room” is whimsically manipulated using devices such as fouls, replays, and substitutions.

Collaboratively devised with the performers, the piece explores themes of competition, rules, and winning across soccer and contemporary dance. 

Loren Fenton
Samantha Mohr
Lisa Renee
Gwynn Shanks
Alexx Shilling
Devika Wickremesinghe

Performance Engagements:
REDCAT Theater | Studio Series | Los Angeles, CA | March 22 & 23, 2015 
Electric Lodge | High Voltage Series | Venice, CA | December 5, 2014

Left to right: Samantha Mohr, Alexx Shilling, and Gwyneth Shanks (left) and Samantha Mohr, Alexx Shilling, Sarah Leddy, Loren Fenton, Lisa Renee, and Gwyneth Shanks (right) at the Electric Lodge, Venice, CA, photo by Steve Burr.